WISDOM TEETH: A Guide for Parents and Patients


The removal of wisdom teeth is a very common procedure at Raska Dental Implant and Oral Surgery, but we know it isn’t an everyday occurrence for you. Maybe just hearing the words “surgery” and “extraction” bring up some fears. Dr. Raska wants you to know that wisdom teeth removals in our office are safe, quick, and pain-free.

Third Molars

We each get three sets of molars during our lifetime, and you probably don’t remember the arrival of your first molars around the age of six. Your second came around the age of 12. Now, you’re developing the third molars during your late teens or early twenties. You are becoming wiser and transitioning into adulthood, so we refer to the third molars as wisdom teeth.

Extraction: The Why

Your mouth was designed to hold 28 teeth, and by the time your wisdom teeth start to grow, those 28 slots are already filled, making it difficult for an additional 4 wisdom teeth to grow in properly. As a result, 90% of us find ourselves with at least one impacted wisdom tooth that requires extraction. Even if your wisdom teeth come in properly positioned, they could quite easily become infected, and they would be at risk for cysts and tumors.

Timing is Everything

If you’re wondering why everyone your age seems to be having their wisdom teeth pulled, it’s because there is an optimal (yet fleeting) opportunity between the ages of 17-25 when the tooth roots haven’t fully formed yet. And once the roots have developed, the risk of damaging nearby nerves, bones and teeth is significantly higher.


The Best Oral Surgeon for your Child

Since we are oral surgery specialists with extensive training and experience, we are able to offer the best kind of wisdom teeth experience to our patients and their families. We walk with you every step of the way, gently guiding you as you make decisions, and pay extra attention to the most critical parts of your child’s care, including:

  • Anesthesia – multiple options available
  • Compassion and comfort – overall pleasant experience
  • Contact information –home and after-hours care
  • Surgical strategy – eliminating the need for invasive techniques
  • Timing – smooth recovery

The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your teen’s case is unique, so the cost depends on a variety of factors, ranging from positioning, level of impaction, number of teeth, etc. We look forward to discussing all costs with you upfront and helping you determine whether your insurance offers any benefits for the procedure.

The Cost of Waiting

Waiting to remove wisdom teeth can lead to many more expensive procedures, in the long run, increasing the likelihood of problems and complications should they need to be removed down the road. Wisdom teeth that are left alone tend to cause problems, such as infection, pain, damage to neighboring teeth, and in rare circumstances, cysts and tumors.

Possible Complications

As with any surgical procedure, there are some possible complications – nerve injuries, fractures, and injury to the joint – associated with the extraction of the wisdom teeth, but they are very rare, and, if the surgery is performed at an early age, the risk is even lower.

If you have been putting off wisdom teeth surgery, give us a call today at Raska Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Phone Number Raska Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 941-923-0033! We can give you the calmest, safest, and most comfortable experience around!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure, but we understand how intimidating it can be. Our experienced oral surgery team can help you feel at ease and make sure your extraction goes smoothly.

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