Dental Implant Cost in Sarasota, FL

Dr. Raska, our expert in implantology, understands that choosing between today’s available tooth replacement methods can be quite difficult. It is our goal, at Raska Dental Implant and Oral Surgery, to help our patients make an informed decision about replacing their teeth—and feel good about it.

Lasting a Lifetime

When properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. When compared to alternative teeth replacement methods, such as dentures or bridges, they last 2-3 times longer. Maintaining consistent oral health habits—brushing and flossing twice daily—is key to long-lasting dental implants. To create a personalized treatment plan that zeros in on your needs and covers all your concerns, Dr. Raska partners with specialists and general dentists in our area. Our use of advanced technology and the latest techniques help to ensure that longevity is a key component of the dental implants we place each day.

Going Without

A little-known fact: Regular stimulation, as is done when chewing, biting and speaking, keeps the jawbone from deteriorating. So, if a tooth is missing, these functions cannot be executed, and deterioration sets in immediately. In fact, a year without a tooth can result in a 25% loss of supporting jawbone. Thanks to dental implants—titanium screws that fuse with bone—stimulation is provided, and jawbone mass is saved and maintained.

Living Your Best Life

Perhaps the greatest advantage of dental implants is the freedom they provide. The luxury of eating whatever you want, laughing with reckless abandon, and smiling ear to ear—these are priceless benefits indeed.

Dental Implants: Estimating your Cost

The cost of dental implants depends heavily on a variety of details about each individual patient’s case. At Raska Dental Implant and Oral Surgery, we include as many consultations as are needed. Other important aspects of the implant procedure that are included in the cost are: on-site CAT scans as well as evaluations and referrals for supporting procedures, such as PRP, APRF, bone grafting, etc.  The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your cost will be is by calling us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and answering all your questions.

For more information about the cost of dental implants or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raska, call our office at Raska Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Phone Number Raska Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Phone Number 941-923-0033.

Learn How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

Dental implants are an incredible tooth replacement solution that look and feel natural. Dr. Raska is an experienced oral surgeon who improves the smiles of people like you with dental implants regularly. Reach out to our friendly dental team to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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