Exparel®: Effective Non-Opioid Post-Op Pain Relief


Opioid Free

Dr. Raska is dedicated to ensuring his patients recover comfortably and with minimal pain from oral surgery. One of the most exciting advancements in pain relief in recent years is EXPAREL, an alternative to potentially addictive opioid pain medications. Because opiates can cause serious side effects and lead to dependency, Dr. Raska strives to lower their use by offering safer pain relievers, such as EXPAREL, that are effective and long-lasting.

What is Exparel®?

Exparel is the brand name for bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension. It is a medication injected directly into the surgical site to numb the area. Unlike traditional anesthetics that wear off after several hours, Exparel is time-released, providing long-lasting pain relief for the first 2-3 days following surgery. Patients are less likely to need other pain medications, including opioids, if Exparel is administered during oral surgery.

What are the benefits of Exparel® for pain relief?

  • Exparel numbs the area and blocks pain signals to the brain, providing up to 72 hours of pain relief.
  • Exparel does not affect your motor function in the rest of your body, unlike opioids and many other pain relievers.
  • Exparel is not addictive.
  • Side effects to Exparel are rare.
  • You do not have to take any medications or worry about skipping doses. Dr. Raska gives the time-released injection during your surgery.

Will I need other pain medications in addition to Exparel®?

It depends on your pain threshold and the type of surgery performed. Every patient is different; some oral surgery causes longer-lasting pain than others. Dr. Raska will explore what kind of pain relief you need and your options before surgery. He may prescribe other non-opioid pain relievers or suggest over-the-counter medications to use in combination with Exparel.

What is the cost of Exparel?

The cost of Exparel varies depending on how much is used. Dr. Raska’s Treatment Coordinator will review all costs with you at your surgical consultation.

Dr. Raska strives to minimize each patient’s pain and ensure comfortable recovery. To learn more about how Exparel® can relieve your post-operative pain without opiates and other mind-altering medications, please contact our office at Raska Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 941-923-0033 to schedule an appointment.